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From February, 16 till February, 20 the Samara State Aerospace University will be visited by one of heads of international youth space project YES2 (the Second Satellite of Young Engineers) Michiel Kruijff (Holland).
His first arrival to Samara has taken place in January, 2003 during which at the Samara State Aerospace University has passed two-day seminar - presentation of international project YES2. The basic idea of the project which initiators are the European space agency and firm Delta-Utec from Holland - improvement of technology of deployment space tether systems and an estimation of an opportunity of its use for maintenance of delivery of small capsules with low orbits in preset area of a Earth surface. The offer to take part in project YES2 has caused the big interest in scientists, post-graduate students and students of SSAU.
Last year in development of these contacts:

  • The fortnight Russian - European Summer Space School (the final communique is resulted below) has been lead;
  • The group of the Russian participants of project YES2 is generated in structure of six professors and about 10 post-graduate students and students which has executed in the initiative order an estimation of some critical aspects of realization of the project;
  • Offers on carrying out of auxiliary experiments on SV "Foton - M" №2 which will be launched in 2005 are generated;
  • The group of post-graduate students prepares for training in Holland;
  • The decision on opening at SSAU the Center of Expertise of project YES2 is accepted (still the similar four Centers of Expertise also open at leading universities of the Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Germany).

Realization of project YES2 will be carried out in 2006 during carrying out of experiments on SV "Foton - M" №3.

The Head of "YES2-Russia" group, professor Igor V.Belokonov

The photo report

CoE opening video

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